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Sofia, a bright, happy destination!

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This is our new application for Sofia! You can download it for free from Google Play or iStore. It does not only contain all the info that you may need, but when you are searching for a destination, it takes you there!
Only a few people grew up with the dream to come in Sofia one day. The images from the previous regime with the large block buildings with dozens of small apartments, the difficulty to get permission to come as well as the utter lack of promotion of the points with unique beauty in Sofia, contributed to its “isolation” from the rest of the world. Even when the political system changed, the promotion of the city seems to have been forgotten. The «image» of Sofia remained what it was decades ago. Hence, Sofia remained an indifferent, ugly and grey destination in people’s minds, one that would only be visited for business reasons.
One of those people, who came here on business, was me. I came here for three days and my friends almost pushed me to get on the plane. I was praying to miss the flight, something magical to happen, so that I wouldn’t come. I was wondering how I would spend my days, how would I manage to come back safe and sound, since the scenarios I had heard about how dangerous life in Sofia is, had me frightened …
How wrong i was !!!!!!
This website aims to show you the real beauty of Sofia and, if you are already here, either as a traveller or inhabitant, to give you all the info that you need.



Find the way to your desired destination in Sofia,
using the map below.

all4sofia is giving you a unique service:
Follow the guidelines and find your destination easily and accurately!
What you only have to do is
(1) write the address you currently are and (2) the destination you want to reach.
Instantly you will know how to get there!



Start up Map

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Start up Map 42.685034, 23.318995 1. Click on \"Directions 2.Type your starting point, 3. Replace NDK by Typing the Address or the place you want to go 4. Click \"Directions\" again and 4.  let the map show you the directions and all the details that you need! It is so simple ...  :-)





Sofia at a glance…

Alexander Nevski Cathedral dsc00223 dsc00231 dsc00500 dsc01100 dsc01114 dsc05128 dsc05377 dsc05383 dsc06806 dsc06834 dsc06990 dsc07718 phbg03 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral Winter in Sofia L Do Rado Hotel L Do Rado Hotel L Do Rado Hotel L Do Rado Hotel L Do Rado Hotel L Do Rado Hotel DSC02711 DSC02712 DSC02895 DSC03088 DSC00175 DSC00181 DSC00415 IMG_0978 IMG_1722 IMG_1845 IMG_1886 20121109-105 _DSC9493 554717_143968872393644_9403 SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

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Tips for Sofia…








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